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  • Functional Test Management
  • Functional Test Management in SILKROAD provides functional, non-functional test environment based on Requirement.
    Since it does not reflect software components or inner structure of the system, testers can focus more on target software's property or requirements to proceed testing. Functional Test Management of SILKROAD also provides test document creation based-on requirements, test execution and test report generation functions.
    By allocating task forces for created Test Case, it is possible to execute tests and provide functions to efficiently manage test results and test repetitions.
Main features & Functions
Requirements-based Test Management
Requirements Coverage Management
Test Cycle-based Test Run/Results Management
Test Results Change History Management
Electric Signature
Automatic Test Report Generation
  • Functional Test Management?
  • A specific executable test that examines all aspects including inputs and outputs of a system and then provides a detailed description of the steps that should be taken, the results that should be achieved, and other elements that should be identified. Steps explained in a Functional Test include all details even if it they are assumed to be common knowledge. Functional Test is used as a technical explanation and reference guide for systems.
Test case and Test design documentation
Based on requirement document, users can create test case and test design documents which are necessary for executing the test. Traceability between requirements, test cases, test design and test procedures are managed by SILKROAD and these informations are shown on the traceability matrix in various views.
Test Execution Management
After writing test cases and procedures, and making test plans, users execute the test. After the execution, user inserts the test results on the test execution management. It presents statistic graphs on test results for better understanding.
Test Coverage Results
It shows coverage results by requirements. Requirement and test cases list which verify the requirement are presented in statistical graphs for clear understanding.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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