News Letter
News Letter
News Letter of Mar 2021

’20.12 “SILKROAD ALM v6.0” Release


Based on the technological knowledge NSE has accumulated since the launch date of SILKROAD ALM, user response time has been reduced through improvement of data process speed and by considering the user experience U... 

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By admin, Posted on  2021-04-22
News Letter of December 2019

"Development of Configuration Management Platform for NPP Decommissioning" was finally selected by KETEP. Last October, NSE submitted for '3rd Energy Technology Development Project - Nuclear Power (second half of 2019) to suggest development of the system above. 

This project will be carried out with Kyung Hee University unt... 

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By admin, Posted on  2019-12-23
News Letter of September 2019

NSE will be attending the 27th IEEE International Requirements 2019  Engineering Conference.

Meet SW Development Integrated Management, the SILKROAD ALM Optimized for Requirement Management at the Site!

Coming very soon, NSE will also release "SILKROAD v5.0", which has greatly improved its speed and functionality.

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By admin, Posted on  2019-09-17
News Letter of June 2019

NSE attends the 2019 Avionics Systems Symposium Korea.

Meet SILKROAD ALM, an Integrated Management Solution for Aviation/Defense SW Development !!

At the beginning of July, NSE will release "SILKROAD v5.0", which has greatly improved speed and functionality.

I hope you have a lot of interest and encouragement.

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By admin, Posted on  2019-06-17
News Letter of March 2019

Traceability among documents has been further enhanced.

User-friendly UI allows users to check traceability and requirement contents at the same time, and Analysis of relationships among requirements can be quickly and easily analyzed. 

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By admin, Posted on  2019-03-27
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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