Application Lifecycle Management Solution, "SILKROAD ALM"
“SILKROAD” is an application lifecycle management system for high reliability software. It is named after “Silk Road”, which is a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Asia and European world. It has interlinking routes for various legacy management system such as requirement tools, design tools, configuration management tools and test tools.
Many developers have trouble with developing high reliable software because they have no choice to use an integrated tool to manage software development lifecycle from requirements to test phase. SILKROAD will be a great tool providing an integrated view for the while life cycle of software development.
  • Requirement Management
  • SILKROAD Requirement Management is web-based system to manage and control the software requirement. Requirement documents created in requirement editor is displayed via document viewer with traceability information. Read More
  • Development
  • SILKROAD DEVELOPMENT enables effective task, issue and source code management. Through information interconnection of SILKROAD, any issues or tasks created in different modules are linked to Task and Issue Management and are handled according to the work process. Read More
  • Quality Assurance
  • SILKROAD Quality Assurance consists of Configuration Management and Test Management. SILKROAD work process engine enables users to modify their workflows of each development phase. Test documents are created on requirements and relations between them are managed. Read More
  • COM
  • COM includes Compliance Management, Plan Management and Peer Review Management. Compliance Management supports international software development standards of safety critical industries. Plan Management can organize the very first stage of software development by submitting documents to other trackers and re-using them. Peer Review Management aids users to enhance the integrity of documents or materials for projects. Read More
  • Events & Activities
  • News Letter
  • NSE: The Company That Defeated IBM and Siemens in the Jet Fighter Project Bid Race.
  • 2021-10-19 15:44:17
  • Today, there was a press released covering the NSE' latest news. This article was published by Hello and tells the story of NSE and how CEO Dai I. Kim ran his business until he defeated the giant entrepreneurs in the jet fighter bid race. The summary of the article is as below:NSE has emerged as an inevitable supporter in the defense and security field with a product, SILKROAD ALM which is used as a weapon to defeat the technology possessed by IBM in the United States and Siemens in Germany with its technological prowess. ALM is a software development lifecycle integrated management solution. Each software development requirement installed on Korean fighters is also managed through SILKROAD ALM. Dai I. Kim, CEO of NSE, said that he realized the importance of software while watching the nuclear safety field transition from analog to digital aspect. And to accelerate digitization, he saw that a system for integrated management of each software was needed. He explained, "Software has many errors, so the ability to respond immediately when users request supplementation determines reliability."SILKROAD ALM is used in industries that require high reliability and safety, such as defense, aviation, and nuclear power," he said.  The NSE solution is being used in Korean fighters and light armed helicopters (LAHs) led by KAI. In addition, software development and management are being carried out in Shin-Hanul Units 1 & 2, etc. In addition, NSE is currently working with LIG Nex1, ETRI (Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), and ADD (Defense Science Research Institute). In this process, Daejeon Technopark (TP) is said to have provided an opportunity to collaborate with domestic and foreign defense companies. It is known that the North American market accounts for half of the global market. Accordingly, NSE is also planning to aggressively target the North American market, including the United States."Based on our domestic success experience, we will make sure that our solutions can be supplied to the aviation, nuclear, rail, medical, and automotive sectors," he said.
  • News Letter of Mar 2021
  • 2021-04-22
  • ’20.12 “SILKROAD ALM v6.0” Release Based on the technological knowledge NSE has accumulated since the launch date of SILKROAD ALM, user response time has been reduced through improvement of data process speed and by considering the user experience UI/UX, the usability has been significantly enhanced.  sDOCS(spread sheet Documenting of Critical-Software) is just about to be released. Requirements that used to be managed in a spread sheet format do not require any extra data processing procedure and can be edited right away by using functions such as importing, editing, and registering requirement that were provided by the existing MS-Word based document editor (wDOCS). This new addition of function has significantly improved the convenience of document editing and requirement management.   
  • Why did you choose Ext Gantt?
  • 2014-10-30
  • Why did you choose Ext Gantt? Gantt chart is considered as the most important component in project management tools. Our project schedule of SILKROAD can also be demonstrated by this Gantt chart. We had been searching for Gantt component which can adequately fit to SILKROAD quite a while and finally concluded that Ext Gantt is the best for it.  To select the perfect tool for own use, we set priorities as below criteria;  - JavaScript based component to be compatible with popular web browsers.  - ​Input a task schedule only with mouse actions.  - ​Easy to set dependency between tasks.  - ​Resource Management.  - ​Hierarchical Tree View.  - ​Modify Tasks only with mouse actions.  Consequently, we came into an end that Ext Gantt is more than enough to satisfy all above criteria and we decided to adopt it as appropriate tool. With lack of Ext JS experiences, we had no hassle to implement Gantt chart with it. Easy usability is the strongest feature of Ext Gantt as a word.  Implementation Details SILKROAD, an application lifecycle management system, should have project management system. Most people are very familiar with Gantt chart to manage their project. We adopted Ext Gantt for our project management system. It has also an additional function to import MS-Project file as well as general schedule management function. We have planned to implement ‘timeline’ feature on SILKROAD. We selected Ext Scheduler as a component for it. We expect it can be the best UX for our users.       ...

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  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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