COM (Compliance Management)
  • Peer Review Management
  • SILKROAD Peer Review Management examines work products which can be produced in SILKROAD system to find defects and identify improvement opportunities. The main objectives of Peer Review are not only to collaborate with team to catch error but also to manage defect automatically and to help authors create better work products more efficiently.
  • Process of Peer Review in SILKROAD
  • Planning
    • In the beginning of review procedure, users need to look over projects to choose overall specifics. For the steps that follow, they decide the duration of the review session, and add materials and Participants.
  • Review
    • As soon as a review session is initiated, project members can leave comments. When leaving comments, members choose whether to indicate defects and vote to agree or disagree on others’ opinion.
  • Appraisal
    • With the voting results, final decision maker determines whether to approve the review. When it is passed, SILKROAD will provide Summary Report.
  • Rework
    • At the end of the session, the revised version of reviewed documents will be saved on SILKROAD web server. When it is needed, these files will
      be re-used for different purposes.
Main features & Functions
Defect Prevention of Requirement Document
Individual voting result management
Enhances insights and prevents risks in early stage
Review all Work-Products generated from V cycle
Imported document review
Scraped material review
Statistic visualization of review status
Final Review Report generation
Review Materials
Peer Review has multiple dimensions of work product source.
Users can access to SILKROAD web domain to use outputs of projects.
Also, importing Word files from users’ local storage is supported.
Scraping materials from web browsers or any other documents is possible
Comments, Defects & Voting
Users participating in review session are allowed to leave comments on functional/non-functional phrases. Additionally, indicating Defects function regarding the phrases is supported. Voting for pros and cons is another feature of Peer Review management.
Functional/Non-functional Phrase Management
With one of the SILKROAD’s most powerful embedded tools, the DOCS, users can register requirements, test cases, test features, and so on. SILKROAD percepts these phrases as ‘Functional’ and the other phrases as ‘Non-functional’. SILKROAD can manage them separately to aid user convenience.
Review Status Summary
Status function presents review information, summarized charts and statistics reflecting the given value from peer reviews. By visualizing detailed information in various ways Status function accelerates the efficiency of work analysis and refinement.
Final Report
Final Report is generated at the very end of reviewing steps. Final Report provides users with physical prints that contain brief information of the review. Types of information are document review summary, participants and threads.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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