RM (Requirement Management)
  • Requirement Management
  • SILKROAD Requirement Management is a web-based system designed to manage and control requirement information. Requirement documents created in requirement editor are displayed via document viewer of SILKROAD requirement management. Requirement viewer consists of Document viewer, Grid viewer and Coverage viewer. Document viewer displays requirement document and leveled requirements created through software development phases. Grid viewer shows only the requirements in the requirement document. Coverage view contains requirement traceability coverage status.
Main features & Functions
Version Control & Comparison of Requirements Documents
Data Integration between Task, Issue and Test System
Manage Requirements including Images, Tables & Equations
Import Model from SCADE
Leveled Requirements Management
Upstream/Downstream Traceability Management
Change History Management
Grid & Coverage View
Leveled Requirement management
In general, depending on the progress of the conceptual design of the software development, detailed design requirements, such as step-by-step guide is created for you, so that you can manage supports. Step by Step structure.
Upstream/Downstream Traceability Management
Upstream/Downstream Traceability Requirements are easily found on document via requirements list and upstream / downstream of requirements traceability is possible.
Requirements Document Version Comparison
Version comparison view of requirement documents is displayed in 3-ways. User can select comparison target documents.
Requirements Impact Analysis
Through the details of the requirements, the relevant requirements can be checked and impact of the requirements can be analyzed.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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