COM (Compliance Management)
  • Plan management
  • Plan is a module designed for tailoring work products for the project. Plan module provides users with functions that can re-use templates defined in Compliance or workproduct of existing project to configurate templates of projects' workproduct.
    Workproduct here means data created as a result of project on SILKROAD. There are such as documents, files and reports. You can easily assign these output files to where it seems to be re-used best among SILKROAD module. Examining the whole status of work production schedule by using Coverage function is also possible.
  • Document Re-Use Mechanism of Plan
  • Plan grants users with re-use of post documents used in previous projects. With powerful document editor, the DOCS, users can easily modify and complement deficiencies of former documents. It means that they do not have to re-build the whole plans from nothing. When the time comes to initiating similar projects, users can just simply drag and paste the documents from the SILKROAD web-server and re-use them.
Main features & Functions
Close interconnection with Compliance Management
Re-use of compliance related plan documents for International Standards
Re-use of project related plan documents generated in SILKROAD
Distribution of Documents to Requirement and Test Module
Plan Coverage
With Coverage function of Plan, users can manage overall status of Plan documents. It shows where you assigned Plan documents, whether and when the documents were used kind of information. Also, excel form download to local storage is supported.
Plan Document Editor
SILKROAD provides convenient environment for creating and editing documents. The dedicated tool used in SILKROAD is called DOCS. It is a highly efficient tool developed by NSE. Create Plan document with the editor to design work process. If some changes may needed, users can also easily apply them.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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