DEV (Development)
  • Source Repository
  • Users can check generated source code by integration with source repository. The whole view of latest source code as well as latest change set can be seen. Currently, Source Management provides data integration with SVN Repository, GIT, Plastic SCM and Mercurial tools.
Main features & Functions
Data Integration with Source Version Management Tools
Data Integration with Task, Requirement, Issue, Functional Test and White-box Test Management Modules
Data Integration with Configuration Baseline and Source Revision
Source Code & Version Comparison View
Source Code View of Each Revision
Data Integration with GIT, SVN and Perforce
Source Code View
Source code view enables users to search and check the latest source code stored in Source Repository.
Version Comparison View
Comparison View supports the old version of selected file and comparison between them.
Revision History View
Users can check history of changes to the source.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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