RM (Requirement Management)
  • DOCS (Requirement Editor)
  • SILKROAD has MS Word embedded in its Requirement Editor, DOCS. Users can open the requirement editor simply by installing extension program. By providing MS Word editing environment, users can easily create documents, and edit tables, images and equations included in the requirements without any style error. Users can also create requirements and relations with upstream and downstream requirements.
Main features & Functions
MS Word-based Documentation
Editable for Image, Table, Equation
Automatic Capturing Requirements
Create/Edit/Delete of Unit Requirements
Link/Unlink Traceability
fRTM (forward RTM)
bRTM (backward RTM)
Revision History
Import Requirements from DOORS
MS-Word based requirements editor
Users can easily edit the requirements as well as the images, the tables and the equations included in the requirement document. Unlike other Requirement Management tools in the market, errors in document style do not occur with SILKROAD.
MS-Excel based requirements editor
Users can register directly to SILKROAD without converting the requirements document created in MS-Excel. In addition, requirements created by DOCS can be modified in SILKROAD Requirement Management (Web).
Automatically Capture Requirement
Requirement editor automatically identifies requirement ID and description based on style applied to the document and special prefix used by requirements. It saves time and efforts in creating requirement documents.
SCADE Import/Export
It is possible to export documents created in requirements editor to SCADE. It creates requirements traceability using RM Gateway of SCADE. Furthermore, the SCADE report and model can be received and then linked with SILKROAD to create relations with high level requirement.
Forward/Backward RTM
Using relationship of requirements, it produces RTM. Based on user’s selection, it generates a backward traceability which indicates relationship between upstream requirements, and forward traceability which indicates relationship with downstream requirements. Together with impact analysis, RTM helps users to understand relationship information between requirements so that editing or adding of related requirements can be done efficiently.
Revision History
This shows the information on the document approval history. Through revision history, change history, document version and baseline management are easily performed.
  • SILKROAD manages and traces requirements and configuration efficiently by data integration between 3rd party’s developing tools and self-developed tools.
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