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[HelloDD] The Ultimate Solution for Nuclear Decommissioning
  As nuclear power has been included in the Green Taxonomy by UN, the revival period of the nuclear industry is returning. In the meantime, NSE, the top-notch software solution company in the nuclear safety field, is receiving high attention as a best solution provider for nuclear power plant decommissioning.   HelloD... 
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By admin, Posted on  2022-11-02
[New SW Product Award Recommendation] NSE SILKROAD ALM
NSE's SILKROAD ALM was recommended to a New SW product Award. The New SW Product Awards is a system that selects and awards excellent products among software products developed by small and medium-sized companies in Korea.Hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Electronic Newspaper, Korea Information Industry Association, and Korea... 
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By admin, Posted on  2022-02-04
[DailyCC] Daejeon City & Daejeon Venture Center Concluded Convention with NSE regarding Defense Industry Field
May 25th. 2021, Daejeon Venture Center held a ceremonial event regarding conclusion of convention for defense industry field with 8 new venture companies. The main purpose of the convention is to stimulate the business exchanges and to provide more opportunities to the promising venture companies in defense industries. Thanks to the great... 
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By admin, Posted on  2021-05-26
[ETNEWS] NSE & Neolant Agreed on Mutual Business Cooperation for NPP Decommissioning
NSE has come to grips with Russian company, Neolant which has rich experiences in nuclear decommissioning and related business. Neolant is a leading company involved in most nuclear power plant decommissioning projects in Russia and European countries.  Both companies have signed an MOU to pre-empt domestic and oversea... 
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By admin, Posted on  2019-04-23
[ETNEWS] ET Article Contributed by CEO of NSE Technology
Dail Kim, CEO of NSE Technology has contributed articles on innovations and expected effects of software development process in era of 4.0 industrial revolution. 
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By admin, Posted on  2017-09-27
[ETNEWS] NSE and CURTISS WRIGHT collaborate on industry 4.0 leading technology development cooperation
NSE(CEO Dr. Dai I. Kim) held workshop for business cooperation between Curtiss-Wright and NSE.Curtiss-Wright has the most renowned legacy in the aerospace, nuclear, defense and plant industry. In 1929, Curtiss-Wright was formed by the merger of companies founded by Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation, and the Wright brothers,... 
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By admin, Posted on  2017-08-25
On January 16th 2017, SILKROAD advertisement was covered on the front page of Electronic Times News. SILKROAD is a software development integrated management solution. It has proved its superior performance in defense, aerospace, and nuclear power. As known to the industry practitioners, NSE has accumulated major sales references suc... 
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By admin, Posted on  2017-01-16
[ETNEWS] SILKROAD selected as an ALM solution of KF-X project
SILKROAD was selected as an ALM(Application Lifecycle Management) solution of KF-X project which is Korea government project  for developing advanced multirole fighter for the Korea Air Force.  NSE entered into sales contract with KAI(Korea Aerospace Industry) in 9 thNovember, 2016.Its ALM solution SILKROAD is recognized as the ... 
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By admin, Posted on  2016-11-21
[ETNEWS][Editorial] Needs to extend supply of domestic SW to defense industry
SILKROAD was selected as an ALM(Application Lifecycle Management) solution of KF-X project which is Korea government project for developing advanced multirole fighter for the Korea Air Force. It is meaningful as Korean SW entered into defense industry which has high market entrance barrier for domestic SW companies.  
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By admin, Posted on  2016-11-15
[KOREA IT TIMES] Dr. Dai I. Kim, CEO of NSE won the grand prize of 'Hi-Tech Awards'
KOREA IT TIMES reported on '2015 Year-end Hi-Tech Awards Ceremony'.In this ceremony, Dr. Dai I. Kim, CEO of NSE won the grand prize in PMO category for developing SW Lifecycle Management solution, SILKROAD.    
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By admin, Posted on  2015-12-30
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